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Alpina Carat LX Skihjelm Børn, neon-yellow

ID: 854296
519 kr.
279 kr.
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Alpina Carat LX Skihjelm Børn, neon-yellow
Alpina Carat LX Skihjelm Børn, patchwork-flower
Alpina Carat LX Skihjelm Børn, green-blue-grey
Alpina Carat LX Skihjelm Børn, black-lumberjack
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The hard ear pads guarantee perfect protection without impairing hearing, thanks to their perforated design. This shiny helmet is “Made in Germany” to give kids the full protection they deserve. The Run System Ergo Snow combined with the soft micro-fleece neck warmer ensures the helmet fits perfectly and is comfortable to wear.

Inmold Tec
Inmold ski helmets by Alpina are very light as well as extremely sturdy. This is achieved by a production process in which the helmet’s polycarbonate upper shell is fused with the EPS granulate under high heat and pressure. The result is an inseparable bond between the upper and lower shells across a large area.

Ceramic Shell
This impact- and scratch-resistant polycarbonate shell is fitted to all Alpina helmets manufactured using the Inmold procedure. The blank work pieces are shaped at high temperature onto the form of the helmet design and the shells are then pressed onto the helmet‘s Hi-EPS body. The material combines a number of distinct advantages: it is impact and scratch-resistant, it contains UV stabilisers and is anti-static.

The inner shell of every Alpina helmet consists of HI-EPS (High Expanded Polystyrene). These microscopic air pockets absorb the forces that act in an impact and provide the protective damping. HI-EPS allows extra-thin wall thicknesses and slim helmet shapes to be achieved. As HI-EPS absorbs neither water nor perspiration the protective effect is retained for a long time.

Run System
The classic for optimal fit: Thanks to the control knob at the back of the head the helmet can be adjusted to the head in a flash and will reliably remain where it belongs.

Proven a hundred-thousand-fold and used in all Alpina ski helmets: Our famous strap buckle with a red push button and multi-step automatic locking mechanism. Ergomatic can be operated when wearing ski gloves – the strap can be loosened while using the ski lift and tightened again before the downhill run – and is prevented from opening on its own in a crash.

Venting System
Vents in the shell of the helmet efficiently prevent any build-up of heat and provide perfect air conditioning for the helmet and goggles. The air vents in the helmet draw the warm air from inside the goggles and feed it out through the air channels in the helmet. This effect is optimized when used with the matching goggles, so that the air vents in the goggles dock neatly with those of the helmet. This ensures the circulation of air through the goggles and helmet, preventing misting and the build-up of heat.

Changeable Interior
Freecarve or freeride bonanzas can be sweat-inducing affairs! Especially the head acts as a veritable “heat exchanger.” That’s why Alpina ski helmets equipped with Changeable Interior allow you to quickly remove the interior lining, handwash it in tepid soap water, let it dry and simply insert it again.

The Alpina Neckwarmer is pulled down low at the back of the helmet and consists of a comfortable, soft micro-fleece material. This “heat collar” also prevents the neck from being hit by air draft at high speed and Siberian temperatures. Thanks to its clever construction there are no pressure points.

Tilsigtet brug
Ski- und Snowboard  
In-Mold teknologi  
Run System Ergo Snow Turning Wheel  
Ergomatic Klick-lukning  
Removable inner lining  
EN 1077 B  
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5 stjerner
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1 stjerne
Stor hjelm
Super Helm
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Meget godt håndværk og passer også i forhold til andre brandhjelme. Fluffy varm indre foring, nem at fjerne til vask. God og nem at tilpasse. Stærkt anbefales.

Sehr gute Verarbeitung und Passform auch im Vgl zu anderen Markenhelmen. Flauschig warmer Innenbezug, leicht abzunehmen zum Waschen. Gut und einfach anzupassen. Sehr zu empfehlen.

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