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Faldende temperaturer, faldende priser - Gør et kup blandt vores varer fra sidste sæson

SIGMA SPORT BC 23.16 STS Cykelcomputer trådlås (2020)

ID: 536571
959 kr.
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The BC 23.16 STS is the sportiest model of the TOPLINE 2016. In addition to all important bicycle, altitude and heart rate functions, it also displays the cadence. All transmitters are included in delivery. The absolute highlight is the enormous logging capacity of up to 500 hours. From the stored logged data, a data set can be selected via the DATA CENTER that is used as a virtual opponent for a Ghost Race.

Using NFC technology, the BC 23.16 STS can communicate with the Android smartphone on which the free SIGMA LINK app was previously installed.

Numerous functions and easy operation
The BC 23.16 STS scores not only with its many functions, but also with its ease of operation. No matter whether you’re interested in bike functions, altitude functions or laps, there is a separate button for each area that provides a quick overview.

Detailed data evaluation with all transmitters included.
The BC 23.16 STS displays all important bicycle, altitude and heart rate functions. A height profile is created as well as a heart rate graph. Altitude data includes current altitude, current ascent/descent, total altitude and the altitude meters uphill/descended to the current route. In addition, the current cadence as well as the average and max. cadence are displayed. All required transmitters are included in delivery.Enormous log capacity
Up to 99 logs can be stored on the BC 23.16 STS. This results in a total logging of up to 500 hours with a logging interval of 20 seconds.

50 Laps
The BC 23.16 STS can store up to 50 laps per tour. For super fast operation there is an extra lap button. There is detailed data for each lap, which can be analysed in the lap view. You can scroll through the values of each lap or select a value and compare the laps with each other.

Ghost Race
From the stored logging data, a data set can be selected via the DATA CENTER that serves as a virtual opponent for a Ghost Race. On the display, the rider always sees the time and distance from the ghost and who is in the lead.

The BC 23.16 STS has a built-in NFC chip. Via NFC (Near Field Communication)* the data of a tour can be read out directly on the smartphone. Settings on the BC 23.16 STS can also be made using this radio transmission. The user first downloads the free SIGMA LINK App onto his/her smartphone. Via the app you can transfer your training data to the SIGMA DATA CENTER or other training platforms (e.g.B. Strava, TrainingPeaks)
NFC technology is currently only available for Android smartphones.

The BC 23.16 STS calculates your current and average power output in watts for you. So you can compare your performance at any time. Temperature display
The models BC 14.16/STS/CAD up to BC 23.16 STS have a temperature display. You will be informed at any time about the current temperature of your environment.

Speed Comparison
While riding, there is a permanent comparison between your current speed and your average speed. This is represented by an arrowhead pointing up or down. When the average speed is approached, there is no more indication.

Wheel sizes adjustable
If you have two wheels in use, two wheel sizes can be set which are automatically detected (only with STS automatic). All you have to do is change the speed transmitter on the second wheel and set the correct wheel circumference for "Wheel 2" on the BC 14.16. The BC 14.16 will then be ready for use.

Integrated memory chip
Thanks to an integrated memory chip in the computer head, all total values and settings are permanently stored in the device. So you only have to reset the time after a battery change.

Battery warning computer/transmitter
All devices from BC 14.16 are equipped with a battery status indicator. The energy level of the battery of the computer head or STS transmitter is thereby checked at regular intervals. If the battery is low, the display of the computer head will show an early warning.

inspection reminder function Thanks to the service interval, you are reminded of the inspection of your bicycle after a freely selectable mileage. The service interval can only be switched on/off or preset by the dealer. The dealer can set the desired mileage using the UNIVERSAL FAST SETTING BOX. The service interval is switched off on delivery.

The design of the TOPLINE 2016 is vertically oriented and fits perfectly on the handlebar stem with its slim design. The new form enables improved display options of the functions. For example, the speed of the BC 14.16 is high and permanently visible in the three-line display.

Animated menu navigation
Small graphics simplify the menu navigation of the BC 23.16 STS. They display training graphs in the elevation profile and heart rate areas. A scroll bar indicates where you are at the moment.

Digitally coded 3-channel radio transmission
The proven and reliable SIGMA TRANSMISSION SYSTEM (STS) is the digitally coded transmission system for all transmitter data from speed transmitters, cadence transmitters and pulse transmitters for high-quality base units and top models. The transmitters collect your sensor data and send it as a digital data package to the receiver integrated in the computer. In addition, the transmitter regularly sends stored test data as data synchronisation.The digital coding of the SIGMA TRANSMISSION SYSTEM excludes any falsification of the transmitter data due to external interference such as power sources or other transmitters. Interference with SIGMA products, e.g. LED lighting, can be excluded.

Swivelling STS transmitters
The STS speed and cadence transmitters can be swivelled and can therefore be aligned even better parallel to the magnet. The battery compartment of the STS speed transmitter is on the outside. This makes it easy to replace the battery even when it is mounted.
With the included cadence signal generator you can measure the current as well as the average cadence.

New cadence magnet
The cadence transmitters magnet can be attached directly to the inside of the pedal without any other aids. Since it is very thin, the danger of friction with the transmitter is avoided even with narrow distances. Two plastic clip holders for the magnet are also included in the scope of delivery in order to function even with larger distances to the sensor or with non-magnetic pedal axes.

Light on, it's easy. Activate light mode and the display is illuminated with every further keystroke.


  • Total brændstoføkonomi og daglig brændstoføkonomi
  • energisparefunktion
  • kommunikerer med smartphone (Android) via NFC
  • Ankomsttid (ETA)-timer
  • my Name- og my Screen-funktion
  • waterproof according to the international standard IPX 8
Vigtige funktioner
Med højdemåler, Med PC-interface, Md pulsmåler, Med omdrejningstæller, Med kadancemåler
Cykelcomputer, STS Mount 2450, STS Cadence Transmitter Kit, Power Magnet, STS Speed Transmitter, 2 O-ringe (Ø 35mm, 45mm), STS Heart Rate-brystbælte R1 STS COMFORTEX +  
Kabel, Kodet, Digital, Trådløs
Strømkilde: Batteri  
Kilometerfunktion: Kilometer pr. tur, pr. dag og i alt, Samlet kilometerantal, Kilometer pr. dag og samlet distance, Kilometer pr. dag og samlet distance
Speed-funktioner: Aktuel, gennemsnitlig og maksimal hastighed km/t, Gennemsnitlig hastighed, Maksimal hastighed, Sammenligning af faktisk hastighed og gennemsnitlig hastighed
Tidsfunktion: Tid og dato, Samlet køretid, Køretid (automatisk start/stop), samlet køretid, Display i 12/24 timers visning
Puls funktioner: Puls, Gennemsnitlig puls, Maksimal hjertefrekvens
resultatmåling: Aktuel præstation, gennemsnitlig præstation
Højdemålerfunktion: Gennemsnitlig fart, Daglig højde, Aktuel, gennemsnitlig og maksimal stigning, Max. & min. højdemeter, Aktuel stigning
Andre funktioner: Aktuel temperatur og maksimal temperatur, Samlet kalorieforbrug
Kadence: Inkluderet i leveringen
Kadence funktion: Aktuel kadence, gennemsnitlig kadence, Gennemsnitlig kadence, max. Kadence
Indikator for batteriniveau, Hukommelsesfunktioner, Temperaturvisning, Start/stop-funktion, Backup-funktion, Lysfunktion, 2 programmerbare cykelindstillinger
12 bedømmelser
5 stjerner
4 stjerner
3 stjerner
2 stjerner
1 stjerne
Hanspeter Spring
Sigma cykel computer
Sigma Velocomputer
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Den bedste ting ved enheden er, at du kan se så mange parametre på samme tid, ud over mange andre funktioner! Kun kadence overføres undertiden ikke uden en eksplicit årsag !! Overførslen af data til en smartphone fungerer ikke optimalt! Ikke desto mindre en brugbar enhed en rimelig pris!

Das Beste an dem Gerät ist, daß man so viele Parameter gleichzeitig im Blick hat, neben vielen anderen Features!Nur Trittfrequenz wird ohne erklärliche Ursache zeitweise nicht übertragen!!Auch die Übertragung der Daten auf Smartphone klappt nicht optimal!Dennoch sicher ein brauchbares Gerät bei einem vernüftigen Preis!

super cykel computer
super radcomputer
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