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X-Socks Trek Outdoor Ankelstrømper Herrer, anthracite/red (2020)

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Maximise comfort and reduce the risk of blisters with X-SOCKS Trek Outdoor Low Cut Socks. These special socks have been developed especially for men's and women's feet and are the ideal companions if you want to enjoy the adventure of extended trekking tours without getting tired. Thanks to the unique barefoot climate and patented functions, the models of the X-BIONIC 4.0 generation prove that state-of-the-art technology can be further perfected through constant innovation. For optimal climate management, the Traverse AirFlow channels work seamlessly with the optimized Air-Conditioning Channel 4.0 to ensure effective ventilation every step of the way. At the same time, the AirVent zone creates space on the instep so that the air can circulate freely. The Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles tendon protection 4.0 has been extensively revised to provide optimum protection for the Achilles tendon. And the X-Cross brace, together with the toe guard, protects against injuries.

Skin Nodor:
Skin Nodor is a climate-active nano-filament and reduces bacterial growth and perspiration odour. An inorganic bacteriostatic agent is incorporated into its interior. Only through the slow release of ions, activated by body heat, Skin Nodor unfolds its effect. The ions inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms, while at the same time protecting the skin's sensitive ecosystem and ruling out allergic reactions. Skin Nodor is particularly soft and breathable and ensures an excellent fit.

Skin-neutral and anti-allergic lightweight fibre reduces the accumulation of germs and bacteria.

Secure hold without slipping and constriction, adapts to any leg circumference.

Air-Conditioning Channel
The Air-Conditioning Channel, made of fine mesh, is an air guidance system that continuously ventilates and conditions the foot and leg. It leads out of the anatomically shaped footbed on the inside of the foot and thus ensures that moist and overheated air is pumped out of a firmly seated shoe every time the foot moves.

Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles tendon protector
The Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles tendon protector with its highly abrasion-resistant and shock-absorbing material protects the Achilles tendon from pressure points and friction at the edge of the shoe. The sensitive Achilles tendon is not stressed because it’s embedded in the opening of the padding.

Air guides
As spacers to the shoe, they support the continuous exchange of air along the AirConditioning Channel and protect against bubbles. Because the drier the skin, the less danger.

AirFlow Ankle Protection
The ankle sticks out from the foot and is often scraped in falls. The sickle-shaped arrangement of the pad offers the ankle the greatest possible protection without influencing the air exchange via the air conditioning channel.

Expansion Rib
Ensures elasticity and a perfect fit.

AirCool Stripes
The anatomical "R"-right-/"L"-left footbed integrates the AirCool Stripes made of air-permeable Mythlan, working like a fine net. They provide cooling ventilation under the sole of the foot.

X-Cross Bandage
The unique cross ankle bandage is knitted from elastic material and gives the strained tendons, muscles and joint apparatus secure hold and stability with every step without restricting freedom of movement.

Traverse AirFlow Channel System
The 3-channel transverse ventilation system helps to absorb moisture and heat into the air conditioning channel. In addition, it provides air conditioning for large areas of the sole of the foot, which is normally firmly enclosed by the shoe.

Heel protector
The heel protector protects against pressure and friction.

Instep protector with AirVent Zone
Increases the shock-absorbing effect of socks and allows air to circulate through channels.

Anatomically-shaped Footbed
For the "L" left and "R" right foot with integrated air conditioning channel.

Toe Protector
Absorbs pressure and adapts perfectly to the asymmetric toes. Protects them from blisters and chafing.

Tiptoe Protector
The asymmetrical protector made of shock-absorbing Robur hollow-chamber yarn cushions and protects the toes at their pressure-sensitive tip.


Low Cut  
kompression: nej
termofunktion: nej
Polstring: med polstring
Specifikationer: dæmpende, antibakteriel, åndbare
materiale type: kunstfiber  
39 % polyester, 35 % polyamide, 24 % polypropylene, 2 % elastane  
Leveringsomfang (mængde)
1 par  
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